When you give nature a helping hand, every plant has the potential to be extraordinary. That’s why, at Goëmar Laboratories, we’ve dedicated over 40 years to developing products that boost yield and harvest quality with sustainable technologies. We are at the forefront of agricultural advancement with Physio Activator® and Natural Protect® technologies that make fertilizers more efficient and enhance Integrated Protection Management, respectively. And with the BioSolutions family of products, we uphold our commitment to technological expertise.

Our advancements in crop science can take your operation to new levels of productivity. Explore our offerings and discover how to improve crop uniformity, enhance foliar nutrition and beyond.

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BM 86
The foliar-applied, proven nutrition your crop craves while its being pollinated. BM 86 wakes up flowering hormones and assists in pollen tube formation for a more robust, sellable final product.

Key crops: 
Pome fruit, tree nuts and wine grapes.

Increases nutrition enzyme production: that means improved nutrient and water uptake for a faster growth and a fuller yield, even under stressful conditions.

Key crops: 
Nut and vine crops

A liquid foliar formulation of essential nutrient and micronutrients that spurs your crops to take in more nutrients as well as produce more chlorophyll in the crucial early flowering stages, resulting in better fruit set and fruit formation.

Key crops: 
Pome fruit, nuts and wine grapes

Increases the head size and weight of cereal grain. HEADSET boosts photosynthetic activity and mineral uptakes, giving grain the energy to grow bigger and better.

Key crops: 
Rice, wheat

MZ "O"
Organically-certified foliar nutrition that is beneficial to organic cultural programs. Hard-working even in unfavorable conditions, MZ “O” is effective both reproductively and nutritionally.

Key crops: 
Fruit trees, vegetables, row crops

When the perfect levels of phosphorus and potassium are given to plants, the end result is a fuller, more perfect crop. Potassium is widely considered the “quality” nutrient for plants (i.e. shape, color, taste).

Key crops: 
Vegetables, strawberries, citrus, table and wine grapes, stone fruit, almonds and pistachios

Promotes building blocks for healthy plants by boosting nutrient enzyme production. Provides greater yield enhancement under stressful conditions.

Key crops: 
Wheat, barley and grass seed

Keep your crops in top shape by reinforcing their resistance against pathogens. VACCIPLANT triggers plants’ natural mechanisms to fight against fungus, bacteria and diseases.

Key crops: 
Fruiting vegetables, cole crops, stone fruits, pome fruits, berries, table and wine grapes

To note: In California, UTILIZE and EXPLOIT can be purchased from your local Helena retailer. CINETIS and BM86 can be purchased from your local Simplot retailer.

Outside California, BM86 can be purchased from your Helena retailer.