Throughout history, successful agriculture has had three focuses: genetics, fertilization and crop protection. But now, our BioSolutions products work on a new fourth focus – plant physiology – to help you ensure healthy yields season after season.

Our products are based on a proprietary formulation process and unique blend of plant nutrients that activate plant nutrition and reproduction. They work to produce healthier plants that optimize your fertilizer investment and your yields.

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BM 86
This innovative product works to optimize the physiology of your plants at bloom time. By activating nutrition and reproduction with a simple foliar application, it helps your plants deliver robust, valuable yields.

Key crops: 
Pome fruit, tree nuts and wine grapes

Improve your plants’ root systems to allow for increased nutrient uptake and optimized distribution. Makes growing in stressed conditions and maximizing your nutrient investment easier than ever.

Key crops: 
Nut and vine crops

A liquid foliar formulation of essential nutrients and micronutrients that spurs your crops to take in more nutrients as well as produce more chlorophyll in the crucial early flowering stages, resulting in better fruit set and fruit formation.

Key crops: 
Pome fruit, tree nuts and wine grapes

Increases the head size and weight of cereal grains. HEADSET® boosts photosynthetic activity and mineral uptake, giving grain the energy to grow bigger and better.

Key crops: 
Rice and wheat

MZ "O"
This OMRI-listed foliar nutrition promotes photosynthetic activity and nutrient uptake, resulting in improved fruit and nut set, uniformity, size and yield potential.

Key crops: 
Fruit trees, vegetables, and row crops

A premier fertigation product that activates plant nutrition by optimizing the physiology of the plant’s root system. It is a useful aid for promoting growth in new plants and performance in mature ones.

Key crops: 
Vegetables, strawberries, citrus, table and wine grapes, stone fruit, almonds and pistachios

Promotes building blocks for healthy plants by boosting nutrient enzyme production. Provides greater yield enhancement under stressful conditions.

Key crops: 
Wheat, barley and grass seed

Keep your crops in top shape by reinforcing their resistance against pathogens. VACCIPLANT® triggers plants’ natural mechanisms to fight against fungus, bacteria and diseases.

Key crops: 
Fruiting vegetables, cole crops, stone fruits, pome fruits, berries and table and wine grapes

To note: In California, UTILIZE and EXPLOIT can be purchased from your local Helena retailer. CINETIS and BM86 can be purchased from your local Simplot retailer.

Outside California, BM86 can be purchased from your Helena retailer.