Burndown is a necessity in the zero-till situation. It was glyphosate at first. Now, you’re usually using a second chemical that will give you a residual to handle some early flushing or top flushing weeds. Inferno Duo is a different combination. Both components have some control on broadleaf weeds. The flucarbazone will give you control on wild oats as they’re germinating. With the addition of the tribenuron, you get a good sharp action on other weeds, specifically foxtail barley, canola and shepherd’s-purse.
Lyndon Jacobsen
Business Agronomist
Andrukow Group Solutions Inc.
Viking, AB
Inferno Duo has become a good tool for those problematic fields that need the extra wild oat control plus the other broadleaf issues. It’s more cost effective. You get a lot of bang for your buck. And it’s easy to put it on. You put it in your tank with glyphosate, you spray it on, and it’s done. You don’t need special equipment to apply it.
Duane Briand
Professional Agrologist
Parkland Fertilizers
Westakawin, AB

No burndown product is more ruthless against hard-to-kill broadleaf and flushing grassy weeds in spring wheat.

Tough broadleaf and grassy weeds have met their match. Introducing new INFERNO® DUO.

Two active ingredients working together with glyphosate make INFERNO DUO more effective than Express® PRO in controlling hard-to-kill weeds like dandelion, hawk’s beard, foxtail barley and Roundup Ready® canola. Plus, INFERNO DUO gives you long-lasting control of grassy weeds like wild oats and green foxtail. INFERNO DUO. It takes burndown to the next level.

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