Features and Benefits
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  • Activity on pest mites at all life stages (eggs, nymphs and adults) offers application timing flexibility
  • Unique mode of action with no known cross-resistance to other miticides ensures effectiveness and allows for true miticide rotations
  • Little or no impact on honeybees, predatory mites and other beneficial species making it an excellent fit for IPM programs
  • Rapid knockdown activity to stop mite "flare-ups" before they get out of hand
  • Pre-harvest Interval (PHI) of just 14 days allows for late season use in pome fruit (if necessary)
  • Restricted Entry Interval (REI) of only 12 hours will not limit activity in your orchard
Effects of KANEMITE on Honeybees, Predators and Beneficial Species
Honeybees Practically non-toxic
Predatory mites (Typhlodromus pyri, Typhlodromus occidentalis, Zetzellia mali, Amblyseius fallacis) Little or no impact
Parasitic bees (Encarcia species) Little or no impact
Spiders Little or no impact
Earthworms Little or no impact

KANEMITE provides excellent contact activity for controlling key pome fruit and field ornamental pest mites.

Pome Fruit Research Data

The following charts indicate KANEMITE delivers effective control of European red mite (ERM) with little or no impact on beneficial mite populations.


Field-grown Ornamental Research Data

As you can see from the following charts, KANEMITE provides excellent contact activity for controlling two-spotted spider and spruce spider mites at all life stages.