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ADIOS® applications are to be made only on mature cotton plants when the uppermost harvestable boll is mature. Make applications of ADIOS at least 5 days prior to expected harvest date.


ADIOS Formulated Product One Gallon of ADIOS Will Treat Active Ingredients per Acre
6.4 oz/A (0.4 pt/A) 20 Acres 0.075 lb ai/A
8.8 oz/A (0.55 pt/A) 15 Acres 0.10 lb ai/A
12.8 oz/A (0.8 pt/A) 10 Acres 0.15 lb ai/A
16.0 oz/A (1.0 pt/A) 8 Acres 0.1875 lb ai/A

Application Information

Use an adequate volume of water with the recommended amount of ADIOS to uniformly and completely cover leaves. Maintain agitation during application.

  • Ground application: Apply 10 – 25 gal/acre
  • Aerial application: Apply 2 – 10 gal/acre

Mixing Instructions

  1. Fill spray applicator tank with at least one half of the water to be used.
  2. Start agitation.
  3. Add the appropriate volume of ADIOS.
  4. Continue agitation and fill tank with the remainder of the water to be used.
  5. Agitation should continue throughout the application.


With its unique formulation, ADIOS was designed for tank-mixing with your favorite boll opener, for a complete harvest management tool. ADIOS offers superior compatibility with:

  • Flash®
  • Prep®, Ethephon 6, Boll’d™
  • CottonQuik®/FirstPick™
  • Finish 6 Pro®


ADIOS can be applied in most weather conditions, both warm and cool.

Refer to the ADIOS label for complete application rates and timing.