wheat growers are talking about everest® 2.0

AND THE TALK IS GOOD. Wheat growers were introduced to a  herbicide with technology promising unsurpassed crop safety and best-in-class control of grassy weeds. A “next generation” of weed control. Their response was overwhelmingly positive, and many are calling EVEREST® 2.0 the best Group 2 herbicide on the market today. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what growers had to say…

“I farm with my Dad and I’m an independent farm consultant. I used Everest 2.0 on the farm, and recommended it to growers. I really like the new formulation — the safety on wheat. Definitely would recommend it.”
Lee Simon
“Wild oat control is tremendous. Very good to tank-mix with, and we have very few weed issues anymore.”
Steven Buchweitz
“This year … all my crops were so clean, all the way to harvest. I didn’t have any grass problems, or any other. So I was very happy with it. It’s a small quantity to add in, compared to other products I’ve used. My plans are to use it again next year.”
John Odland
“Our main weed problems would be wild oats, pigeon grasses, thistle and kochia. With the Everest 2.0 tank-mix, you can take care of pretty much everything you need. It’s nice having a longer window (of application) for the soggy springs when you can’t get it on the day you wanted to.”
Andrew Kreklan

Count onEVEREST 2.0. the next generation
of weed control


EVEREST® 2.0 has advanced safener technology built-in, making it super selective on all wheat and durum varieties in a wide range of conditions. The result is best-in-class crop safety and dependable, hassle-free control.


EVEREST 2.0 is relentless on weeds, giving Flush-after-flush® control of green foxtail, wild oats, and other resistant grass and broadleaf weeds. EVEREST 2.0 controls the weeds you see, and the ones you know are coming.


EVEREST 2.0 gets the weeds you see and the ones you know are coming, controlling flushing weeds with long-lasting, residual soil activity. Only EVEREST 2.0 gives you Flush-after-flush control of your most troublesome weeds.


EVEREST 2.0 is particularly effective on difficult grass weeds, like wild oats and green foxtail (including Group 1 resistance biotypes), volunteer tame oat, redroot pigweed, wild mustard, stinkweed, volunteer canola, green smartweed, shepherd's purse.


Because EVEREST 2.0 can be applied early, thanks to its long-lasting residual control, young wheat has a better chance to become established, improving your yield potential.

How it works


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