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Pre-Pare® for Winter Wheat Season


Early weed removal is critical for achieving the highest yielding crop. Independent research* shows that if downy brome emerges within 14 days of a winter wheat crop, it can reduce yield by 10 – 20%, depending on weed density.

Downy Brome Impact on Yield

Ed Davis, a science research associate at Montana State University says, “If downy brome emerges at the same time as winter wheat, and is allowed to compete with the crop, that is where we see the greatest impact on yield. If a flush occurs in the spring in a well-established winter wheat crop, there isn’t much impact on yield.”

PRE-PARE allows you to seed earlier, and establish a winter wheat crop that gets a head start on bromes and wild oats. The early season performance of PRE-PARE reduces the loss of fertilizer and moisture due to weed competition.

PRE-PARE Performance and Yield

PRE-PARE Protecting Hields